Angelique started her TV-host career with an edutainment show for children, filmed at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. The single season of 13 episodes saw Angelique interacting with, while educating, her audience on the care and characteristics of animals.

Her profession moved on to presenting daily sports updates as well as the 21st SEA Games “LIVE” in Kuala Lumpur. From then on, her TV-host career has included; presenter and face for Life-Inspired TV, fronting 2 programs on HBO Asia, traipsing South East Asia for Channel NewsAsia and fronting the camera for the Singapore Formula 1, amongst others.
Angelique also had the priviledge of tracing her family routes to The Netherlands in Postcards from Home, a show that eventually got purchased by the BBC.

As a TV host, her programs have aired across more that 23 countries and screened on over 42 channels. Angelique also writes her own scripts for the programs she hosts.

Whether filming LIVE or prerecorded TV shows, Angelique has the intriguing combination of quick wit and the strength of putting her interviewees at ease, while captivating her audience.